Productive Inclusion Program


The Productive Inclusion Program is directed at adolescents and youth assisted by the Vicintin Foundation in Belo Horizonte, with the purpose of providing them knowledge, skills and attitudes that will contribute to their transition to and integration into the employment world.

Training activities which support entry into the employment world


Initiated in 2015, the Showcase of Professions project promotes training, orientation and awareness to young people to help them enter and remain in the employment world. Through weekly meetings, this initiative seeks to prepare participants for common challenges in professional life and in the process for acceptance into higher education. Currently the project is being carried out with high school students from the Pedro Franca Public School along with those youth assisted through the Youth Program. During each meeting the psychology and pedagogy team from the Vicintin Foundation develops presentations and thematic workshops with a view toward offering participants the motivation and opportunity to develop their professional vocation and general skills.

Beginning professional training course


Related to all actions promoted by the Vicintin Foundation, the Firefighter vocational course contributes to the process of socio-productive inclusion of dozens of youth from 15 to 29 years of age. The course is taught by a volunteer firefighter, and offers training in fire and accident prevention, firefighting techniques, panic control and first aid. After completing the course, participants receive a certificate and are ready to become firefighters.




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