Who we are


A history of dedication to the development, well-being,
education and health of the communities of the North of Minas Gerais

The Vicintin Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 1985, with the objective of developing programs, projects and social actions linked to the policy areas of the municipalities in which Rima Industrial S/A operates.

Having as its target public children, adolescents and youth from socioeconomically underprivileged families, each year the Foundation develops a group of continuous actions in the areas of education, culture, health, sports, leisure and the environment, in the perspective of promoting the exercise of citizenship and contributing to the construction of a more just and egalitarian society.


Promote the exercise of citizenship and reduce social inequality through social assistance services, programs and projects implemented for socially vulnerable children, adolescents and communities in at-risk situations.


Provide social assistance services which are integrated with policy areas of the municipalities where the Rima Group operates.








The Vicintin Foundation carries out its social actions in an integrated manner to enable the comprehensive development of its public. To this end, the Foundation relies on a multidisciplinary staff made up of professionals in the following areas: Language and Literature, Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Work, Law, Administration and Financial Management. The employees of the Vicintin Foundation periodically take part in courses and seminars in their professional areas, which permits them to refresh their knowledge and the Foundation to continually improve its work.


To develop, educate, train and support children and communities is the principle that guides our work. At our side, our partners experience these great challenges and help us to confront them, to prevail and to dream. Only with their support have we been able to remain on our path in search of more humane and just times with more solidarity. This “new world” that we strive for day by day is increasingly closer thanks to the direct and indirect involvement of our supporters.


You too can contribute to our projects. Contact a member of our staff and invest with us in the future of our society.